Stranded on a Water melon in the Dead Sea, 2009

Bronze, 224x75x125cm (fountain)

This bronze work is a figurative manifestation of the video I shot under the Dead Sea in 2004 [Standing on a Watermelon in the Dead Sea], in which I balanced myself on a buoyant watermelon. The sculpture is of a fragile adolescent holding her arms as though they were wings/ as a crucifix/ as a movement of surrendering. "History is an Angel being blown backwards into the future” is how Laurie Anderson phrases the idea by Walter Benjamin, who wrote this in a text {On the Concept of History (Theses on the Philosophy of History), 1940} on the drawing called "Angelus Novus" 1921, by Paul Klee. One palm of the girl's hand is very slightly in the shape of the "blessing of the height priests" hand movement. The other is in a spasm/ panic position of falling... The figure has a fountain which can flow from her belly button, referring to her connection to the womb, [the liquid kinder than the waters of the Dead Sea]... and the “endless” loop of life.​

© 2016 Sigalit Landau. All rights reserved
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