The Endless Solution, 2005

Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

Curator: Mordechai Omer

For this exhibition, I created a remote and derelict living environment populated by a Sisyphean community that was depicted in its attempt to survive some undisclosed disaster and start over.


I transformed the pavilion to resemble an important place recurring throughout my body of work – the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert. While this alternative world belonged to an undefinable period, I inserted into it signs of modernity such as old vans, a bicycle, and several machines, suggesting that this habitat flourished sometime in the middle of the

20th century.


Both the show’s title, as well as other clues interspersed in the installation, hinted at the dark atrocities of the Second World War and the genocide of the Jewish people in the Holocaust. I filled the space with layered images that were laden with local and universal meanings, both historical and contemporary. Among them were objects and video works made in the Dead Sea, a place of annihilation and purification. There were pictures of crucifixion, sacrifice and redemption, a volcano, a deadly furnace, and a concrete hive. Hung overhead were figures of Eros, the infinite force of life, suggesting that Death’s finiteness could yet be overcome.