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Salt Years explores two decades of Sigalit Landau’s artistic creation to both reveal and illuminate her performances, objects, installations, games, dreams, videos and desires. Since 2004, the Dead Sea has appeared as a ritualistic  motif in her art. In a dramatic desert landscape, its salty sterility offset by its buoyancy, her art has co-opted the sea to transform the most threatening, or abject, memory into a crystalline object of wonder. As if in a parable, Landau has employed this process of transmutation as an analogy, amongst others, for love, for loss, for growth, for hope and for the future peaceful co-existence of the three peoples of Israel, Jordan and Palestine that border the Dead Sea’s shores.


Essays by curators, scientists, philosophers and other artists, as well as by Landau herself, give background, building bridges across the salt, to reach out into both past and future to make sense of the fractured present. Landau’s work is radical, humane and visionary. Like salt, it sustains the essence of life while also painfully salving its wounds.”

David Elliott


Book Details:

Language: English

[available with Hebrew / German supplement]

Hard cover

400 pages

Dimensions: 19.3 × 26.7 × 3.5 cm

(7½ × 10¼ × 1.4 in)

Weight: 1.7kg

Graphic Design and Visual Editing:

Michael Gordon

Editing: David Goss

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag


Texts by:

Rona Cohen, Ph.D.

Luna Goldberg, M.A.

David Goss, Ph.D.

Dalia Manor, Ph.D.

Amitai Mendelsohn, Ph.D.

Eli Raz

Thorsten Sadowsky, Ph.D.

Tal Sterngast


״For me, gazing at the Dead Sea and working at Sodom is a continuous journey that is rooted in my childhood; it is also a healing ritual. The disorientation that this entails has become a way of life for me. Every time I turn, I find that Sodom has leapt from the past to the present, from east to west — and then I (re)turn to it once again.
Re-enactment is both my starting and turning point; turning back, to and fro, endlessly yearning to unveil memories of my family on the shore״





The Art Ph(F)arm

The source for the myth of Lot’s wife

might be the terrain of the Dead Sea
itself — physical reality integrated into religious mythology.

Sigalit Landau’s ongoing Dead Sea

art project, a magnum opus, comprises artworks in diverse media.

David Goss


Second Salting

Like the mystical Lady of the Lake,

Landau emerges from the Dead Sea, resurrecting objects and breathing new life into them. They emerge, now preserved, as if out of time, becoming part of a new mythical logic. After their second death, they are resurrected as artworks — eternally preserved in salt.

David Goss


A Skinny Dip with a Pinch of Salt

While in Christianity the baptism
evolved into a symbolic act, in Judaism,

the purification of the ritual bath

remains a physical action, through the total immersion of the body in ceremonial water. The purifying capabilities of the ritual bath are only valid if the body is completely naked, without any division or barriers between flesh and water.

David Goss

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