Neon Heaters

SOMNAMBULIN - Station 1, 2000
sonic performance, Spacex Gallery, Exeter, August 2000 
Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidekberg, October 2000

A transformation of a truck-mounted concrete mixer into a large traveling and performing music box. This transformed mixer was both an ice cream van and a story vehicle. The rotating drum functioned as the cylinder with pins attached to its surface. Several tunes and sounds were composed for the repertoire of this mixer by musicians Arik Hayut, Guy Kark, Daniel Landau, Robert Bentley, and Ohad Fischof. The notes of these melodies were played electronically and were made to sound similar to the way ice cream vans disseminate their tunes. This truck played music while traveling along small roads and parked at various stops, where people gathered to participate in the exchange. I gave the passers-by ice lollies in the shape of the Little Matchstick Girl. 

Curators: Zoë Sherman and Tom Trevor  

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