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Sigalit Landau – Salt Years, 2019

Landau invites us to embark on a journey facilitated by the unique feature of one natural resource – salt. Drawing inspiration from the topographical, historical, biblical, cultural, political and environmental realms of the Dead Sea, she turns to the natural process of salt crystallization, exclusive to the Dead Sea, for her unique artistic techne. Baptizing profane objects in its waters, Landau relies on the Dead Sea to breathe life into inanimate objects, which emerge from their submertion as if belonging to a different time system, a different logic, or another planet yet their transformation unveils the divine and the eternal in nature.
Marking Landau's 15-year oeuvre and fascination with the Dead Sea, ‘Sigalit Landau – Salt Years’ sheds new light on the fundamental leitmotiv that underlies her multifaceted artistic creation. Offering insights to the artist's visions, this volume explores Landau's career reflecting the breadth of her oeuvre, including exclusive works of art created specifically for this book, behind the scenes photos, personal working notes and perceptive essays. It is an invitation to take part in the transformative power of art and Landau's transformation of the Dead Sea into a laboratory and medium for new experiments, ideas and heart/ground breaking understandings, revealing the death bearing to life sustaining alchemy of salt. 

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Salt Years​

Editor: David Goss
Text: Rona Cohen, Ph.D., Luna Goldberg, M.A., David Goss, Ph.D., Dalia Manor, Ph.D., Amitai Mendelsohn, Ph.D., Eli Raz, Thorsten Sadowsky, Ph.D., Tal Sterngast

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag​​

Language: English

[available with Hebrew/German supplement]

400 pages
Format: 26 × 19 cm
Date of publishing: 2019
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4623-6


Green Scream

Text: Dr. Nava Sevilla-Sadeh

Publisher: Har-El Gallery

Language: English, Hebrew
80 pages

Date of publishing: 2020
ISBN: 978-965-7191-10-1


Phoenician Sand Dance

Editor: Museu d’Art Contemporani de

Barcelona (MACBA)
Authors: Miquel Bassols; Bartomeu Mari
Language: Castilian, English
124 pages
Date of publishing: July 2015
ISBN: 978-84-92505-78-4


Sigalit Landau – Caryatid


Autors: Dalia Manor, Nevet Dolev, 
Publisher: The Negev Museum of Art 
Language: English, Hebrew

164 Pages

Format: 19 × 12.5 cm

Date of publishing: 2012


One Man's Floor is Another Man's Feelings

Editor: Sigalit Landau
Authors: Jean de Loisy, Hadas Maor, Chantal Pontbriand, Matanya Sack, Ilan Wizgan 

Publisher: Kamel Mennour

Language: French, English, Arabic, Hebrew
248 pages
Format: 24 × 33 cm
Date of publishing: June 2011
ISBN: 978-2-914171-41-0


The Dining Hall KW

Authors: Gabriele Horn, Ruth Ronen
Publisher: HATJE CANTZ
Language: English, German292 Pages
Format: 18.5 × 25 cm

Date of publishing: 2007


Sigalit Landau – The Country


Authors: Mikhal Popowsky, Gideon Ofrat, 
Philip Leider, Sarit Shapira
Publisher: spartizan | D.K GraubArt Publishers Ltd. Jurusalem
Language: English

184 Pages
Format: 23 × 18.5 cm

Date of publishing: 2003


The Endless Solution

Author: Mordechai Omer
Publisher: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Language: English, Hebrew
112 Pages
Format: 22 × 16.5 cm

Date of publishing: 2005

ISBN: 965-7161-27-4

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