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Better Place, 2015
Cellule516 - Zone d'Art Habitée, Marseille, France
Curator: Audrey Koulinsky

The exhibition took place in an apartment at the iconic and revolutionary modernistic building designed by Le Corbusier in Marseilles in 1952, known as Cite’ Radieuse. As part of an ongoing project, curator Audrey Koulinsky invited me to her home to react and interact. This exhibition borrows its name from an eponymous business in Israel, which attempted to establish an electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the country. For me, the failure and scandal associated with this project were emblematic of the pitfalls and dead ends inherent in pursuing global, all-or-nothing solutions.


In my craft here as well as in my other works, I tried to protect the human gesture and uphold the values it represents. I aimed to bridge the gap between that which history, politics, and religion conspire to oppose and separate through the use of rituals, symbols, and objects.

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