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Magenim, 2019 and Masks, 2020

In a new series of works, Masks 2020, I explore techniques, materials and colors which are very new to me: in a realm I have defined between sculpture and painting distanced from the wall but suspended from it; between the predetermined boundaries of a cast form and the unexpected gesture and it’s resonance, between personal mythology (shields) and traditional methodology (ceramics) - the one thing which is key to the works is that the second opaque gesture covers the first one and will serve as its back drop; such is the third gesture to the second layer; this order is a reversal of “what is” - linking it to memory and archeology: using blindness as a means and suspending time. The experiment goes on in the kiln of course; a curious stage, the receptacle of real magic making. Masks echos works I have created in the past (using “quoted“ forms and plaster of paris) but is still very much a journey into Terra-Incognita - as I am learning more every week and every month about the endless possibilities of clay in the studio.

Masks, 2020