I worked on this painting for three years, making most of it with the palms of my hands and hardly using paintbrushes in the process. It is a triptych composed of three canvases that emulate pre-Renaissance, Christian panels where the central unit displays the main scene and is supported on both sides by the remaining units.

The painting depicts two boyish characters that are positioned in a lake at an uncertain point in time, where the water reaches waist-level. The characters are seen leaning down, their heads turning toward the water and their arms outstretched. Their gestures reflect on the surface of the painting, creating another horizontal image within it of a pair of widely open eyes. 

My body gestures and the way in which the color was spread imitated a complex dance, creating an erratic composition. Because of the large measurements of the painting, I had to move intensely, back and forth, inside my studio. These movements, an ebb and tide of creation, separated between the subjective act of laying color on a canvas and objectively observing it from afar. Thus, I tried to spread a narrative by injecting the surface with details.

While working on the painting I drew the characters’ hands crossing, a visual representation of contact I had not planned and which became the focal point of this creation.

Crystal Eyes, 2014

Oil on Canvas , 240 x 400 cm

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