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Arab Snow, 2001

video, 6:09 min

This work was shot around an ecstatic process of work with cotton candy sugar in a creator built in 2001 at the »Thread Waxing Space« in Manhattan — a cob web dance with a sugar floss machine, a transformation cycle, around the walls of the gallery. Hyper-pop-art fibres of celebration, empty energy, of the [late] fashion and passion industries of deceased SoHo, New York City. The music to the clip is based on an Arab love song called On the Ruins of Love, originally sung by Um Kulthum. In the video a cotton floss storm is flying around wildly in a house, covering a male body that lies on the ground like a corpus in the calligraphic snow. The artist fed the man’s mouth with cotton candy, then edited the video in reverse, thus turning the process around, lust celebrating a ruin of Eros, starvation and death. 

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