Thread Waxing Space Installation, 2001

Installation at the ‘Thread Waxing Space’, New York City

The installation at the Thread Waxing Space was a prophetic site and a specific work that related primarily to the gallery’s environs. This exhibition space was initially an early 20th-century factory that was part of a thriving fashion industry in the city.

It was later transformed into a nonprofit installation and performance gallery.


I inhabited the gallery space for the duration of my five-week-long performance. During this time, I used my own body and 4 tons of granulated sugar as the two main materials I had worked with to explore issues of presence, mass transformation and consumption, and the inevitable finality of all capitalistic efforts.


At the entrance to the gallery, I positioned a spiral ramp that circled a three-meter high pit. I performed upon the heaps of sugar, which I scooped and poured into a large candy-floss maker. Behind me, a fan blew the sweet floss into the air upon the crater’s wall, at times wafting over to the gallery-goers. I invited them to strip their winter clothes and join me in the sweet celebration of a looming end. The roll across the crater’s walls enabled the participants to grow a coat of floss on their entire body and thus resemble a large cocoon.


The space was located in the neighborhood of SoHo; however, due to the steeping prices of rent, my installation was the last show on view at the Thread Waxing Space before it was forced to shut down.

Curator: Lia Gangitano

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