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Thread Waxing Space Installation, 2001
Curator: Lia Gangitano

Sigalit Landau inhabited the gallery space for the duration of her five-week-long performance. During this time, she used her body and 4 tons of granulated sugar as the two main materials in order to explore issues of presence, mass transformation and consumption, and the inevitable exhaustion of capitalistic resources.


At the entrance to the gallery, the artist positioned a spiral ramp that circled a three-meter high pit. Landau performed upon the heaps of sugar, which she scooped and poured into a large candy-floss maker. Behind her, a fan blew the sweet floss into the air upon the crater’s wall, at times wafting over to the gallery-goers. SIgalit invited them to strip their winter clothes and join her in the sweet celebration of a looming end. The roll across the crater’s walls enabled the participants to grow a coat of floss on their entire body and thus resemble a large throbbing cocoon.

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