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Temple Mount, 1995
Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Curators: Sarit Shapira, Yigal Zalmona

Addressing a specific place directly, this installation relates to the place that stands at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Titled Temple Mount by the Jews and Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Muslims, it is where a large rock (housed under the Dome of the Rock), subject of many beliefs, is located. The Installation was created a couple of years after the end of the first Intifada.


Echoing this specific place and the political course of events, Landau’s installation included a large object resembling an eye, with separate geological layers of soil, gravel, sand, etc. as its pupil, at its core. The work was titled Tambourine-Eye and the public was encouraged to pick stones off the gravel covering the ground of the outdoor Billy Rose Sculpture Garden, and to throw them at the eye-object.

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