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Salt lands 2006

13 etchings, Gottesman

Publication, Cabri Intaglio Press

A visual diary that was composed in the aftermath of my exhibition “The Endless Solution,” in which I portrayed a personal journey from the Dead Sea to the shores of the Mediterranean. 


The members of Kibbutz Cabri (where these works were created), as well as the members of Kibbutz Gesher Ha’ziv, were among the founders of the legendary Beit Ha’arava kibbutz.


During my work and stay in Cabri I encountered them and their painful memories. On November 29, 1947, following the UN resolution to establish a Jewish state, the region located north of the Dead Sea was excluded from the new map of Israel. Thus, the residents

of Beit Ha’arava abandon their home peacefully. The loss of their achievements and dreams touched me profoundly and shaped my experience as I created this series of etchings.

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