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Infinite Games, 2012

Solyanaka Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Curator: Vardit Gross

Playing with boundaries has been an ongoing theme in my art practice, and I chose to highlight this aspect of my work for this exhibition. The notion of games is repeated throughout my craft; but a moment comes when one opens us to the idea of life itself and in that moment one begins playing infinite games. These games have no rules. They are not bound by time, they welcome surprises and are open to the idea of constant change. The sole rule or purpose is to continue the game itself.


It is easier to understand finite games. Most of the time, we think of our lives as a zero sum game: Someone has to lose, so the other can gain. By turning finite games into infinite ones, I wished to undermine this notion. In my game, no one loses. For a short moment of grace, everyone is just playing.

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