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Salame', 2007

Video, 16:14 min​


The work shows a view of south Tel Aviv near the New Central Bus Station [west gazing east]. An urban roof top landscape. From a window in a side wall of an old building I am seen painting with a 'roller' on a stick, a large growing black mark, around the windows sill. I am working while standing inside the house; my body, arms, and long roller are exiting this small window, which is in the center of the frame. Proceeding slowly -- like a dark and manual sun dial -- this act of blackening - is a window into some the memory of this place. A large Billboard dominates the lower left side of the frame. It originally carried a cellular "Orange" advertisement slogan. I changed it on the editing table. I made a advertisement making reference to a song about a town that is burning [the original song was about a 1938 pogrom]. In the work the text reads: 'There is a fire brother, a fire'.

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