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MASIK, 2012

HD-Video, 6:06 min


In Hebrew, the process of harvesting olives is called "Masik". Traditionally, it is a process of shaking and beating the ripeolive tree, at  the beginning of winter, in order to collect the olives that fall from it. Here a machine is sh work, Palestinian workers are engaged in harvesting olives in the grove of kibbutz Revivim. The young workers are wielding the sticks; their movements choreograph a fierce ritualistic dance around the trees – a hunt, almost a pursuit. Their dark faces are covered to protect them from the dust, and this casts a menacing air. Nets are spread on to the ground, to catch the falling olives. This olive harvest takes a turn that is quite distinct from mere documentary. The nets on the ground transform the olives into prey (excerpts from a text by Diane Watteau, May 2012).

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