Sisyphus and Jacob at the Well, 2009, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

Bronze, 325x300x340cm
Dan Sandel and the Sandel family foundation for sculpture award

A bronze copy [cast] of a sculpture originally made in papier-mâché, and shown in The Endless Solution installation at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, 2004-5, Tel Aviv Museum. The Sculpture is of two figures that are pushing a rock together, over a typical dessert water hole. One figure is Sisyphus, whom I reinvented as a woman, and who was punished by the gods to roll his rock repetitively up and down hills. The other figure is Jacob, whom upon the sight of his first wife-to-be, Rachel, as a romantic gesture, lifts the rock which covers the water hole and gives water to her flocks. Sharing the task, the Greek myth beside the Hebrew love act, whose later/earlier hubris was successful [in defying the angel of good], opposed worlds are in a silent collaboration based on survival and mutual need. The result of the transference from paper into bronze is a durable surface rich in texture that has lost its [news paper] texts.​

Sisyphus and Jacob at the Well_1
Sisyphus and Jacob at the Well
Sisyphus and Jacob at the Well_2
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