Sculpture Garden

Shelter, 2012 Bronze, 350X480X125cm

Maddona and Child

Maddona and Child, 2011 Marble, various dimensions

Stranded on a Water melon_2

Stranded on a Water melon in the Dead Sea, 2009 Bronze, 224x75x125cm (fountain)

Woman Giving Birth to Herself

Woman Giving Birth to Herself, 2003. Metal armature, papier-mâché, and mixed media, 190x55x85cm

Vomitus Narcisus

Vomitus-Narcisus, 2007 Bronze, 80X108X90cm

cry boy cry

Cry Boy Cry, 2005 Bronze (Fountain), 79x53x78cm

Sisyphus and Jacob at the Well_2

Sisyphus and Jacob at the Well, 2009, Tel Aviv Museum of Art Bronze, 325x300x340cm Dan Sandel and the Sandel family foundation for sculpture award

Scales of Injustice

Scales of Injustice, 1996-2005 Silver, 22X7X32cm

Rose Bleed

Rose Bleed, 2003 Bronze, 67x86x50cm


“Foundry”, 2007 Bronze and Brass, 52X35X25cm


Swimmer and Wall, 1993 Bronze, 8X3X14cm

Hammer inside hammer

Hammer inside hammer, 1996, 20x10x60 cm

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