This sculpture was originally made from papier-mâché and exhibited at an installation I displayed at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion in 2004-2005, “The Endless Solution.”
The sculpture consists of two figures that push a rock together over a desert waterhole. 

One of the figures is Sisyphus, whose punishment from the gods was to repetitively roll his rock up and down a hill. For the sculpture, I remodeled him as a woman. The other figure is the biblical Jacob, who upon seeing his first wife-to-be, Rachel, lifted the rock that covered a waterhole and gave water to her flocks in a romantic gesture.

By juxtaposing the Greek myth with the Hebrew act of love, I visualized how opposed worlds can silently collaborate when they share a mutual need for survival. By transferring the sculpture from paper into bronze, I had created a durable surface, rich in texture, that had lost all of the texts that were imprinted on it.

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