MEDUSA, 2015

Seven dramatic scenes unfold in the mixed media works composing Landau’s “Unstaged / A Play not Played” series (2015). In collaboration with writer and dramatist Oren Neeman, the artist created densely layered narrative vignettes out of a collage of materials ranging from sand and fabric to found objects. Each one tells a tale based on the lives of two women: the sacrificed daughter of the Biblical judge and warrior, Jephthah, and the legendary Israeli theater actress, Hanna Rovina. Landau adds another layer by injecting stories from her own life experiences into the works. As in Rite of Passage and her other works, Landau threads together different lives, narratives, and moments in time. The women’s experiences coalesce into scenes of suffering, fury, defiance, and regret—such that we, too, may find shades of our own experiences in these sumptuous, tragic images.

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