MACBA: Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Spain.

Phoenician Sand Dance is a project that presented the behind-the-scenes of a different endeavor, the triptych “Dancing for Maya.” Showing a scene of utter darkness in the heavens and on the earth, the dancers in the video work can be seen resolutely digging on as the waves repeatedly blur the lines that they dig. Through a close-up shot, the camera stripped the dancers’ bodies. Instead of focusing on the shape imprinted in the sand, which is the core action at the heart of the performed dance, the project explores the human body.

The physical being, which also serves as a work tool, is examined in relation to its affinity with the sea, the earth and the sky. The figures’ body parts are inspected almost medically, through a piercing and intimate gaze.

Curator: Bartomeu Marí


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