Installation at the 'Thread Waxing Space', New York City.

This installation I crafted at the Thread Waxing Space was a prophetic, site specific work that had related primarily to the gallery’s environs. This exhibition space was initially an early, 20th century factory that was part of a thriving fashion industry in the city. It was later transformed into a nonprofit installation and performance gallery.


I inhabited the gallery space for the duration of my five-week-long performance. During this time I used my own body and granulated sugar as the two main materials I had worked with to explore issues of presence, mass consumption and the inevitable finality of all capitalistic efforts.


At the entrance to the gallery I positioned a spiral ramp that circled a three-meter high pit. In the midst I had stood, surrounded by heaps of sugar, which I lifted scoop by scoop and placed inside a large candy-floss maker. Behind me, huge fans blew sugar into the air, at times wafting over to the gallery-goers. I invited them to strip their clothes and join me in the sweet celebration of a looming end. [1] 


Due to the steeping prices of rent in the neighborhood of SoHo, where the space was located, my installation there was the last show on view at the Thread Waxing Space before it was forced to shut down.

Sigalit, I added these paragraphs because the original text said nothing about the performance itself. Feel free to alter whatever you think is necessary.

Curator: Lia Gangitano

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