The Negev Museum of Art, Beersheba, Israel.

In this project I erected a bronze cast of an abandoned shelter that originally stood in south Tel Aviv. Extracted from its original location, it now stood in disequilibrium. In the shelter’s kitchen, the voices of four mothers could be heard speaking from within the oven, evoking their memories of survival, motherhood, cooking and singing.

The living room, situated next door, told the story of a man trapped in youth. Fragments from his diaries exposed his feelings and torment. Through the living room’s window, an olive tree could be seen swaying noisily; a piece of nature was rendered a symbol and an integral part of this imaginary architecture.


The female body, both mythic and real, is the object that connected the disparate parts of the whole. At the core of this visual experience I had created were musings on the experience of orphanhood and motherhood.

Curator: Dalia Manor  


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