Hands, 2013

Video, 9:12​  Min.

A hand of a woman, a hand of a man—both gradually making their way in a terrarium full of sand—they are digging towards each other. Slowly they come through, reach out and make contact for a while before the man’s hand slowly pulls away. The feminine hand remains in waiting for another sign of life and warmth from within the underground tunnel. Eventually she retreats, leaving a void. As children playing in the sand

of Mediterranean beaches we played this game a lot, creating long damp tunnels, with moments of sudden sandy and uncanny handshakes with sand under our fingernails too.

In editing Hands I am flipping the video frame, and after the digging of the tunnel, the frame returns to its original orientation; then comes a pour and a filling of the tunnel with colored plaster. After curing, an inverted form of a bridge is made, but also a blockage of a passage. Hands is a layered work ... with
a political sound track of words by politicians relating to the non-existing peace process.

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