MARGIN, 2013

Mucsarnok, Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary.

This exhibition, my first solo show in Hungary, featured current and past video works and installations.

The videos entitled “MASIK” and “Four Entered the Grove” (2010) presented an olive harvest that was performed by men. In this harvest, the row of machines that are seen attached to the trees evoke a greater issue of humans exploiting nature.


Another work, entitled “Window,” showed the spinning drum of a washing machine. I wanted to display lifeless objects as they tumbled about, at the mercy of a circular motion. The noise produced by the machine is reminiscent of rhythmic pounding. The interactions and opposing forces of the living and the inanimate, the world of objects and the environment, were thus represented in disorienting motion and amidst a state of flux.


Yet another work that was displayed in this show was “DeadSee,” which was shot from a bird's eye view. In it, my naked body was seen within a large spiral shape that I had created by watermelons that were strung together.

Curator: Llil Boros  



Mragin (PDF)

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