Israeli Pavilion, 54th Biannale, Venice, Italy.

My project for the Venice Biennale consisted of three major installations that were showcased inside the Israeli pavilion, as well as a fourth that was set in the backyard. The principal metaphors that guided the work were water, salt and earth.


One installation on the ground level consisted of a large pipe system in which water ran in a closed circle, simulating the manner in which blood flows through the body’s arteries. The pipes led to a concealed space that I had discovered, and which was previously sealed between the lower and middle floors of the pavilion.


On the upper floor, I created a cinematographic scene that was projected on a large wall. The displayed image was of a pair of shoes slowly sinking. The shoes, which I had previously dipped in the Dead Sea, could be seen melting in the icy waters of a lake in the Polish city of Gdansk. The lifelessness of the water was enhanced by the presence of a fisherman’s net, also covered in the salt of the Dead Sea.


On the middle floor, which connected the lower and upper levels into one entity, I presented a debate that took place in a round table. On the table I placed 12 laptops; their screens all displayed segments of one scene in which a little girl could be seen under the table, tying the shoelaces of the debaters.


In the backyard, a circle of 12 bronze shoes were lying on the floor, echoing the presentation of the round table. They represented the shoes of the debaters, which had been left behind after fleeing the scene from the video.

Curators: Jean De Loisy, Ilan Wizgan

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