Maison Hermes in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.

This show featured two projects. The first centered on the olive harvest in Israel; four videos I took offered four different viewpoints of a machine at work as it shook olive trees violently, releasing the fruit so it could fall to the ground.
Following the spectacle of the tortured trees, the quiet of the open fields filled the screen. The harvesting machine featured in the show was primarily an instrument designed to shake human beings with equal ferocity.


The second project was an installation in which I reproduced an interior from the 1950s. Women’s voices could be heard emanating from the kitchen and the sitting-room. The women talked about their lives and passed on songs and recipes. Through the magic of their voices and the evocative power of their recreated domestic environment, the absent women opened their intimate existence to the viewers.

Curator: Reiko Setsuda 


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