Sigalit Landau

MASIK, 2012

In Hebrew, the process of harvesting olives
is called "Masik". Traditionally, it is a
process of shaking and beating the ripe
olive tree, at the beginning of winter, in
order to collect the olives that fall from it.
Here a machine is shaking the tree, while
the olives fall onto a net. The net is then
picked up, and made into a sack in which
the men then carry the olives.In this video
work, Palestinian workers are engaged in
harvesting olives in the grove of kibbutz
Revivim. The young workers are wielding
the sticks; their movements choreograph a
fierce ritualistic dance around the trees a
hunt, almost a pursuit. Their dark faces are
covered to protect them from the dust, and
this casts a menacing air. Nets are spread
on to the ground, to catch the falling olives.
This olive harvest takes a turn that is quite
distinct from mere documentary. The nets
on the ground transform the olives into
prey (excerpts from a text by Diane
Watteau, May 2012).

MASIK, 2012
HD-Video, 6:06 min